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Jacob, Rhianna and Irene

Hi, thanks for stopping in.  I am Jacob Hanson, and I am blessed to be the minister for both Kasson and Pleasant Corners United Methodist Churches.  While I have many interests and hobbies and the like, the thing you should know most about me is that I love Jesus with all my heart and desire nothing more than to see everyone know Him.  That’s my passion first and foremost!

Pastor Jacob Hanson

My background before ministry is in education, in particular I went to school to teach history and political science.  I loved teaching, and I am thankful that here at KUMC/PCUMC I get to teach the things that I love most.  I love talking scripture and theology, praying with folks, and doing everything I can to encourage people in their own walks with the Lord.  Matthew 6:25-34, Romans 8 (yes the whole chapter), James 5:16, John 16:33, and a whole host of other Bible passages are my favorites, and if you ever want to chat about anything God related let me know.

Outside of church life I am just a regular joe with hobbies and interests that your normal Wisconsin boy enjoys.  (Oh yeah, I am most definitely a cheesehead!)  Hunting, fishing, sports, and lifting weights are just a few of the things that I enjoy.  Just like talking about God I would love to talk sports or weightlifting or basically about whatever.  I am gregarious by nature, and I love to get to know people, so don’t be shy.  My wife, Rhianna, and I love the town here and we love the country life.  We both hale from towns just like Kasson, so we are right at home here in this area.  We love corn, tractors, and soy beans, and even if we were not farmers ourselves growing up we most certainly identify with small town folks.

Speaking of Rhianna, she is the absolute love of my life and most fantastic woman God has ever created in my humble opinion.  She works in Rochester as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, is way smarter and prettier than me, and works harder than anyone I know.  We are blessed to be the parents of our little daughter, Irene.  Irene in Greek means “Peace,” and since she was born in 2020 we like to think that we did our part to make that year a little more peace-full.  You will probably see us out and about in the community at one of the restaurants, hanging out at the pool or the park, or at the local gym.  If you see us please feel free to come up and chat… we would love to get to know you!


-Pastor Jacob Hanson


Janet Sinning

Administrative Assistant ~ (507) 634-7823

[email protected]

Janet is our administrative assistant for Kasson United Methodist Church and Pleasant Corners United Methodist Church in the Kasson area.

She is ready to answer any questions you have and is here to welcome you to our church.   

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